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Finally, a trustworthy umbrella company calculator hits the web!

We're delighted to have discovered a new umbrella company calculator that boasts honest and instant results for contractors, freelancers and temporary workers in the...

Limited v umbrella: what is your best option?

If you’re a contractor in the UK, there are two primary methods you can get paid. Option one involves being the director of a...

The LITRG release in-depth report on umbrella companies called Labour Market...

Umbrella companies have experienced a rapid increase in demand in the build-up to off-payroll changes in the private sector (IR35). To help educate temporary...

What is an umbrella company margin?

If you're new to umbrella companies, you may have many questions. In practice, using an umbrella company is straightforward, but they can sound super...

How to spot a non-compliant umbrella company

Providing you choose a compliant umbrella company – you have nothing to worry about because you’ll be taxed in accordance with HMRC’s PAYE (Pay...
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